Garden Swings for Children

Garden swings for children

Garden swings for children will provide your child with hours of endless fun, as well as encouraging them to be active and play outdoors, which is something we all want as parents, isn’t it?

What are the advantages of garden swings for children?

It seems so easy these days for children to be glued to the TV or their computer screen, so anything which encourages children to exercise and enjoy the fresh air should be a welcome addition to any garden. Garden swings are popular with children of all ages and can be a great way to entice them outside, into the garden.

The fun of swinging, whether it’s high or low, fast or slow, can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from babies to grandparents – it’s one of those things that we all seem to love and never grow out of.

It’s easy to understand why swings are usually the most popular pieces of play equipment at the park and there’s always a queue of eager little faces, excitedly waiting their turn. When you decide to buy your child their own swing, it will mean they no longer have to queue to use them at the park, as they will have their very own at home, which they can use any time.

What age groups are garden swings for children suitable for?

Garden swings are available for all age groups, from babies and toddlers, through to older children and even adults. They also come in a wide choice of sizes and designs, so it’s easy to find one which is suitable for the age of your child, the space you have available and your budget.

You can also buy swings with other attachments as well, to vary the fun and opportunities for youngsters. For example, there are sets with different types of swing attachment, as well as things like slides or climbing frames for a complete outdoor activity centre.

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Toddler Garden Swings

Children love to play in toddler garden swings

Toddler garden swings are usually suitable for youngsters from approximately 9 months to 3 years of age. However, some can be used for slightly younger, or older children, so it’s always best to check the individual guidelines for each model. What are toddler garden swings? Toddler swings for the garden are the next step from…

Metal Garden Swings

Children's metal garden swings with slide

Metal garden swings are available in several designs and many of the leading manufacturers have metal swings available. Advantages of metal garden swings One of the advantages of metal swing sets is that they tend to take up less space than other designs. So, if you have a small garden, or limited amount of space…

Children’s Swing Seat

Children's swing seat

A children’s swing seat is a great way to add a swing to an existing frame, or as an extra activity option to another piece of outdoor play equipment, such as a climbing frame. You can buy the seats without the frame which makes them ideal if you have an existing frame that you want to add a…

Swing Seats for Children

Swing seats for children

Swing seats for children are swinging hammocks, or seats that swing gently rather than a traditional child’s swing. A traditional children’s swing seat, which is a seat designed for use with a regular swing can be found by clicking the link. What are swing seats for children? Swing seats for children are a smaller version of…

Little Tikes Swing Sets

Little Tikes Swing Sets for children

Little Tikes swing sets come from a brand name which is always associated with quality children’s toys. What sizes and styles of Little Tikes swing sets are available? Little Tikes swing sets are available in a variety of sizes, designs and styles. Some are suitable for more than one child, as they have multiple swings. Some also…

Plum Swings

Plum swings for children

Plum swings are available as single, double and triple swing sets. From a manufacturer which has a reputation for a high standard of children’s games and outdoor activity equipment, they are reliable and offer good quality products at competitive prices. What are Plum swings made from? Plum swings are available in both wooden and metal…

Baby Garden Swings

Hammock style baby garden swings

Babies need special care and safety precautions and this is also true when it comes to baby garden swings. But, this doesn’t mean that babies have to miss out on the joys of swinging. In fact, lots of babies are soothed and relaxed by the gentle, rhythmic motion of swinging – it will even send…

Toddler Swing Seats

Toddler Swing Seats made from wood

Toddler swing seats are necessary to support your child’s neck and back. Using a proper seat designed for toddlers will also help keep them safe and secure whilst they enjoy the delights of swinging. What are the advantages of toddler swing seats? Toddler’s seats for swings are a great option if you have an existing swing…

Wooden Garden Swings for Children

Wooden garden swings for children

Traditional wooden garden swings for children have always been popular and still remain so, especially for those looking to buy a classic, strong and sturdy swing for youngsters that will see them right the way through childhood. What types of wooden garden swings for children are available? Wooden swings are available as single swing sets, double…

Toddler Swing Sets

Toddler swing sets

Toddler swing sets are suitable for children between the ages of approximately 9 months and 2 years, although it’s advisable to check manufacturer’s guidelines on specific models. The seats themselves are usually bucket shaped, to help support your child in an upright position and come with leg supports and a safety harness. Toddler Swing Sets…

Baby Swing Seat

Green high back baby swing seat

Many babies love the rhythmic motion of swings, so it’s natural to let them join in and enjoy the fun of swings by using a specialist baby swing seat. These seats attach to climbing frames or swing frames and are a good idea if you want to be able to re-use the frame for years…

TP Swings for Children

TP swings for children

If you prefer to stick with a well-known and trusted brand of children’s outdoor play equipment, TP swings for children come in a wide variety of sizes and designs. What styles of TP swings for children are available? From deck-chair baby swing seats and single swings, to multi-play or combination sets which offer lots of…

Swings and slides for children

Swings and Slides for Children

Multi-play swings and slides for children are the perfect solution if you can’t choose whether to buy a swing or a slide for your child. They are a good option if you have limited space but would like your child to have both a swing and slide, as all the equipment is attached to the…

Wooden Swing Sets for Children

Children playing on wooden swing sets

The name gives it away but, although  wooden swing sets are made of wood, the seats are often made of plastic or moulded materials. What are the advantages of wooden swing sets? Wooden swings sets contain more than one swing, or a swing with other pieces of outdoor play equipment, such as a slide, climbing…